Our scheme

The Product Defined;

Have you ever been in a situation where your loved one passes on and it happens when you least expect it? Fact is, there are so many things in life we can plan for, but no one plans for death and when it happens we are faced with a situation where we need to spend money we never budgeted for.

The logistics that comes with claiming from your insurance can sometimes be lenghty and stressful as you still need to organise claim forms, fill in claims form, get doctors reports, death certificate etc. the BIG question is: What happens during the week when family, neighbours, pastors come to mourn during the week? You need to serve them cakes, food and drinks another expense on its own.
Welcome to Amalungiselelo Grocery Cover. We are not an insurance company we are also not a substitute to your insurance. We are also not an undertaker, we are a company that comes in as a helping hand to assist you in taking care of your grocery needs while waiting for your insurance to pay out.

‘’A society that cannot create its own systems that are rooted in culture, tradition and ubuntu to help and uplift each other especially in times of need will never find its role in the economy of things and will forever be lost from each other, leaving nothing for its future generation’’
‘’ Wandile Sibeko, Founder and Chairman (Info tailor made & Amalungiselelo (PTY)LTD)’’

This Grocery benefit covers;

  • 2 Adults and 5 children.

  • Adults, Age Restriction (18 years to 95 years).

  • Children, Age Restriction (0 to 17 years).

Joining fee: R100.00 (Once Off)


Payment Options


Annual fee

4 Months waiting Period

R354 (Once off) 12 MONTHS


6 Months fee

5 Months waiting Period

R177.00 (Once off) Six Months


Monthly Fee

6 Months waiting Period

R29.50 (PER MONTH)

Same grocery list, but you can cover up to 4 Adults (Age 18 to 95 years)

Grocery List:

  • 1x 10kg Chicken
  • 1x 10kg Mala Mogodu
  • 1x 5kg stewing beef
  • 3x Handy Andy
  • 3x Dish Washer
  • 2x 3 kg washing Powder
  • 1x 10 kg Rice
  • 1x 10 kg Mealie meal
  • 1X 10 kg Samp
  • 1x 10kg Flour
  • 2x 20L bucket of scones
  • 1x 20L bucket of Queens Cake
  • 1x 5 litre fish Oil
  • 1x 10kg Sugar
  • box of tea bags (200 INSIDE)
  • 1x 1kg Powder Milk
  • 2x 500g Butter
  • 1x 5L Concentrated Juice


  • 10X Cabbage
  • 2x 5kg Onions
  • 3x 5kg Tomato
  • 2x 5kg Potatoes
  • Box of Green Pepper
  • Bag of Beetroot
  • Spices